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At 21&You, our mission is to enhance the education of children with Down syndrome, a nonprofit proudly holding 501(c)(3) status since 2021. We strive to empower these children by providing essential educational resources, including textbooks and other necessities, while also organizing enriching activities that align with our cause.

Join us in showing your support for Down syndrome awareness by donning the iconic colors of blue and yellow. These vibrant hues hold a universal significance and symbolize unity and solidarity. On International Down Syndrome Day, celebrated annually on March 21, we invite you to proudly wear blue and yellow clothing to honor the cause and create greater awareness together.

Fun fact:

People with Down syndrome possess an additional chromosome, leading to distinctive physical characteristics and, at times, developmental challenges. This intriguing connection between our organization and the condition lies in the presence of an extra chromosome, known as chromosome 21. Join us as we champion inclusivity and education for individuals with Down syndrome and embrace the beauty of their diverse abilities.

Boy with Down Syndrome in school
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